Friday, September 21, 2018

How are you reacting to the emotionally charged Kavanaugh hearing?

After reading the articles above, reviewing the transcript and viewing the video above, What is your understanding of the role of gender in the Kavanaugh hearings and your understanding of the issue of sexual assault in America?

Task: The Kavanaugh hearings have taught us so many things , first your group is to discuss which topic you would like to write about.( gender roles, legal roles, moral roles, facts, sexual harassment etc)
Yes, this is one whopper of a question, this is why you are in groups. You may disagree on  your position and decide to break up your group into two smaller groups. You will construct a persuasive thesis statement and informal outline taking a firm stance on one of the topics related to the Kavanaugh Ford Hearing and report it to the class in a debate style fashion.
You will be paired up against a team of your classmates that has a conflicting view at the beginning of the next class.
Be prepare, well thought out, well written and most of all make sure to use your proof. ( cited of course) . Please make sure in some part of your response to include the class topic this week of the Cultural Myths of Gender in America we have been discussing.

** The articles above are a starting point for students that need to gain knowledge of the issue but do not have to be consulted if you would like to research in another direction or just on your own.
Good Luck! You are now on trial.

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