Friday, September 11, 2015

Different Modes of Writing

The Different Modes of Writing

Narration: writing that tells a story
Definition:writing that explains what a term or a concept means.
Exemplification: writing that uses multiple examples to illustrate a general point.
Compare and contrast: writing that shows how two things are alike and/or different.
Cause and Effect: writing that analyzes why something happens.
Proposal: writing that seeks to persuade others to adopt a particular point of view.

Process: Process writing explains how to do something or how something occurs, presenting readers with a set of instructions in a form that generally follows a set of steps or stages. Because the goal is to make the explanation as understandable as possible as process writing tends to present its steps in clear, chronological order, from start to finish.

See Leah Koenig's essay " The Classy Dive, The Dos and Don'ts of Dumpster Driving" as an example of Process Writing below:

Choose one of the following options :Your in class assignment is to compose a well-developed, grammatically sound process essay /presentation, using only your knowledge:

1 – Explain to a new employee how to do your job.

2 – Explain the process of an active hobby (i.e. photography, stamp collecting, harmonica, etc – as opposed to watching television, surfing the Web, etc).

3 – Explain to new college students how to succeed academically.

4 – Explain how to play a specific sport (other than baseball, football, basketball or soccer).


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