Getting to Know You- IceBreaker


IceBreaker - Getting to know you

Before we begin course content, let's take a minute to introduce ourselves and learn a little about our classmates. Please let us know your major, previous online  experience, career goals, course concerns, and something about yourself that makes you stand out of the crowd. 

When you are ready to begin to this initial discussion starter, please click on post in the field below  and make sure to write your name in the field provided. You must have a google account to post on the class blog and I suggest not using your school account to sign into the blog. 

In your initial posting, discuss:

your major

previous online course experience

career goals

course concerns

hobbies, interests, something that makes you stand out of the crowd

Be sure to reply to your classmates on anything you may have in common. Please "mingle."

Make sure to title it if possible with a catch phrase than summarizes you. 

This assignment will not only help you get to know your classmates, it will help you to access and try your hand at our class blog. I look forward to meeting you all


  1. my name is Dean. I am a freshmen at Farming dale. i have not picked a major yet. working on all my required courses, hopefully will be able to figure out a major by Fall.
    i don't like remote classes. finding it very hard to stay focused.
    i love playing basketbvall and hanging out with my friends

    1. Hey Dean.Nice to meet you!!I also like playing basketball.

  2. Hello my name is Joanna Cuenca and I am currently majoring in nursing. My experience with online courses has not been the fondest. I get very confuse at time where to post assignments and it's not something I enjoy. My career goals is ultimately to be successful and enjoy what I'm doing, I want to love what I'm doing. I really enjoy cooking which is something I eventually when I'm older to open up a cafe with the pastries I make.

    1. Even I love baking. Get me some place on your fututre cafe. ;)

  3. My name is Akshith Ramesh. I am doing my majors in computer science . For the past 6 months, I am spending much time with this online course and I am actually getting hatred on this because I always love to experience things on live not online. I love to live the present rather than thinking much of the future so I didn't set any goals to achieve but I work on my present and accept anything(criticism or appreciation) that comes on the flow. There is nothing much of a concern for this course but I wish the course should be a little interesting rather than just lectures to hear. Finally, about my hobbies, I love playing soccer and I also love cooking.

  4. Hello everyone, I am Chandra Swaroop Reddy. My major is Computer Engineering Technology and this is my first semester of my junior year as an international student here at Farmingdale. My experience with online courses is little hard and stressful. The best thing about online courses is that it helped me to manage family time and work time and be more independent. I love travelling to different places and meeting different people.

  5. Hello,My name is Saurabh Subashchand.My Major is Computer Engineering Technology.I am not much satisfied with online studies but still something is better than nothing and I am anxiously waiting to reach the esteemed campus and meet all the professors and co-students personally.I would love to be a successful computer engineer and bring laurels to the university and my country as well.I love playing Badminton,listening to music and playing with pets.