Blog Assignment #10

Well the end is here and it is almost time for me to send you on your way to your next writing class. I hope you are as proud of yourselves as I am in regards to the writers you have become over the past semester. You have all grown and it has been my pleasure to be a part of it. However, now it is your turn. Yes, to talk about me and the class. I will not judge you , as your grades are done by excel :).

Please post your honest feedback on what was most helpful, enjoyable, a struggle or even horrific. How have your grown as a writer? What has been your biggest challenge this semester? What are you most proud of? How can I improve the writing experience for future students. Please don't say 'texting", I will never allow it. lol.


  1. Dear professor Candia,
    Since day one, knowing how much you care for your students, I was merely motivated. This semester flew by very rapidly and I am going to miss our class, section 23, a lot. I am happy to say, your high level of character and professionalism is highly appreciated. Overall, starting off with all the -B’s and improving, was all due to the well-structured syllabus and your instructions and nothing was horrifying at all, it is all just a typical college life. To be honest, as a writer I have improved my citations, the works cited page and most importantly have become less potential at plagiarising. Everything has gotten better every time I did an essay. One of the things I have also learned is to not be complacent at all. In addition, my biggest challenge this semester was getting used to the college level of studying overall. Furthermore, I am very proud that I was able to always listen to your instructions and I became a harder worker. Last but not least, all you could do to improve the experience for future students is to simply do what you have done to us. You are simply one of the hardest working professors out there, you have provided us or me at least with the best advice, just do what is being asked of you. Overall, all I have to say is thank you for the best instructions I could have asked for and hope that one day I become a successful person like yourself.

  2. Erik Chumpitaz
    Section 20
    Dear professor Candia,
    Since day I know that you're hard on us to do the right thing in class but I know why you did that so you can motivate us to be better writers and better students for our next four years in farmingdale. I appreciate that you had a lot of assignments in our class so our grades will be better and also we will learn how to be better writers. Starting of the semester I would get high 70's to mid 80's I improved my writing since the first paper till the last paper and also you had great techniques on helping us on our paper's. I liked how you helped us from beginning of the semester on our source project because now it was way easier to write it and also we had time to write our ideas out. Your the best English teacher I had in the past 13 years that I had English your the only professor that explains the essay writing throughly and also I feel like I've been improving my essay wring in your class and been getting good grades.

  3. Andrew Bo
    Section 23

    Dear Professor Candia,
    This semester flew by and it could have not gone any better. I liked how you gave us all the due dates on the syllabus because it made it hard to miss an assignment. I have became much better at writing essays, creating citations, and annotated bibliographies. Starting the source project in the beginning of the semester made it much easier to write. I felt like all of the assignments were fair and we had enough time to do them. I suggest you keep teaching the way you are teaching because you did everything you could to have each student pass and learn as much as possible.

  4. Alessandra DiPalma
    Section HC4
    Dear Professor Candia,
    Although this semester went by quickly, I enjoyed how you broke everything down in order to take some stress off and create a better paper through all of the preparation we have created. The syllabus really broke down the due dates and everything that needed to be done in a time manageable way which was very helpful in that I didn't feel like I needed to scramble in order to get anything done. None of the assignments felt unreasonable or unfair. Each assignment was meaningful and aided me in becoming a better writer as well as being fairly graded. This class has taught me many useful things about how to create a better piece of writing that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my college career.

  5. Kevin Rodriguez
    Section 23
    Dear Professor Candia, My first semester of college was very good thanks to you. I believe my essay writing got better and I learned a lot this semester being in 2 of your classes. You were very fair with due dates and I was able to keep up with almost all your assignments with a few exceptions. I saw that you really cared for your students since day 1 and that really motivated me to try and do my best. I hope I have you as a professor for my next semester because I can see myself improving even more in your classes. I feel my biggest challenge this semester was getting used to the college life but slowly I was able to overcome that and it helped me become more responsible. Finally, I'm glad I had you as a professor for my first semester of college because you really taught me a lot. Thank you

  6. section 23
    Dear Professor Candia,
    I would like to start by simply saying thank you. As an international student/ immigrant, the thought college felt extremely overwhelming. I have constantly felt lost and confused but I was lucky enough to have you as my teacher. From the very first due date, you have asked me to remain my calm and helped me throughout the whole semester giving me advice on how to not panic. I feel like I have grown so much as a writer because of all the examples we’ve seen in class, all the workshops we had. Learning something is a hundred times better when you have other people to learn from. We were given opportunities to learn from our classmates and get better with every new challenge. Afar from studies, I have become more comfortable and confident around people and learned to express myself more which I think was my biggest accomplishment. The source project was very difficult no matter how easy it seemed, I think apart from group presentations, sometimes if we were allowed to stand and speak alone, even if it was about just ourselves for a few seconds, it can help other students to get rid of their fear of speaking alone. Maybe, the pages written for an essay could be increased little by little to avoid writing a 5 page essay suddenly. Thank you Professor Candia for being an amazing mentor. Looking forward to EGL 102 with you!

  7. Ryan Hill
    Section 20

    Dear Professor Candia,
    I just want to start by saying thank you. You have taught me how to ultimately improve every aspect of my writing and I greatly appreciate it as it is going to help me throughout the rest of my life in whatever form it may present itself. The grades were extremely fair and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me. If need another class you teach ill make sure to have you and I hope you welcome me back, even if i wasn't the best student.

  8. Professor Candia,
    Going into your class I was always told I was a great writer and would excel in college. To my surprise, I still had a lot to work on. Since the beginning of the semester my grades on your essays increased and I also felt more comfortable handing in my essays to you. My biggest challenge was the deadlines, specifically the blog assignments. Along with other classes I felt like my first semester in college was inundated with assignments I felt like I couldn't keep up with. However, having all the deadlines made it easy to organize and will make it easier in the future to stay on top of my assignments because I saw how it impacted my grade. Thank you for everything this semester, I feel like I have really grown as a writer and more prepared for college as a whole.

  9. Dear, Professor Candia,
    Throughout this semester I have gained a lot of new insight and knowledge of how to be a better writer and college student. You've pushed us in many ways and influenced us to excel in our future endeavors. I feel I have grown as a writer because of the many tools that have been provided throughout the semester. I have become stronger with my work ethic and creativity being a writer. My biggest challenge this semester was the source project because of how long I struggled finding a topic. Another big challenge was constructing the perfect introduction for my essays. I feel I have improved tremendously thanks to the key pointers you've provided. I am mostly proud of how far I came and how confident I have grown with my writing. I feel the writing experience for future students can be improved by giving more writing assignments besides the three essays and group work. Overall, I have became a better student and writer thanks to the tools you have provided and shared with us.

  10. Giana Galanoudis
    Section 23

    Dear Professor Candia,
    From the beginning of the semester until now, I believe my writing skills have improved tremendously. Throughout the semester, my biggest challenge was staying on top of assignments that were given. Grading was fair and appropriate to the work that was handed in. This class has taught me better time management skills and how easy it is to fall behind if assignments were put off. Thank you for a great semester and forcing me to step out of my comfort zone when it came to presenting. I feel confident moving onto my next English course.

  11. Brandon Tapia
    Dear Professor Candia,
    The amount of knowledge I’ve gained from your class is incredible , I just wish I wasn’t lazy. Never have I ever had an educator who positively pushed me to better and do the work needed , but in the doing so you also scared me ( which in my case seems to be a great boost ). For that I want to thank you for teaching me how to improve my writings skills which I will carry along with me for as long as I live. One thing that I didn’t like was constantly checking the syllabus on the website and then having to open another app for it to open a doc just to see the due dates on blogs life would’ve been much easier if it were just on blackboard that way I wouldn’t have missed some. I hope to use your teachings in English 102.

  12. Kevin Sheehan
    Section 20
    I'm being honest when I say that you made this class entertaining. The assignments you gave were enjoyable and fun to research on. However, I felt as though there was a little too much group work as with groups you're bound to have to do a whole powerpoint by yourself over the weekend as I did once. I felt as though you did a great job helping me adjust to college requirements and writing. You taught me how to write at a college level and the correct formats. I like how you pushed us to do better but you didn't over push us either. All in all, I feel as though this was a very helpful and enjoyable class, so thank you and keep doing what you're doing!

  13. Marianne Hanna
    Dear professor Candia,
    To be a teacher is a big responsibility. You have taken on that responsibility completely and embraced it. You have been helpful, by teaching us all the rules of writing. You have been enjoyable, when you motivated the class for extra credit through competitions. I will not lie, it was a struggle in the beginning of the semester as I was not accustomed and missed some information. What I would say that you could improve is to put everything important on the syllabus and make it clear if the paper is due in class or due online. Although I know you are only human, I noticed many students felt offended many times by your words. A teacher can be strict without disrespecting or hurting the students. Maybe you have been on this job for quite a while and you have heard students same the same thing over and over again.. Please hear them out anyway. Do not interrupt students when they reach out to you and try to talk to you, it discourages them from asking you important questions in the future. Although there are improvements that can be made, there are things that you already do so well and that you should get credited for. You are a woman of your words, you are a fair grader. You boosted up my confidence and made me so proud of my hard work, showing me that hard work does not go in vain. Having rough drafts and final drafts really helped strengthen my writing skills. Thank you so much for this semester and good luck with your future students.

  14. Brendan Mattis
    Section 20

    Your class has been an amazing experience. The first few classes I was not happy because you put us straight to work, but as the class went on I realized that you doing that really helped me progress. Everything you have done for our class was strictly for our benefit, and I can now say I am a much better writer than I was before your class. Your teaching strategies are incredible, and I don't think that if taught any other way that I would learn as much. My biggest challenge was starting the source project, as in the bibliography and the outline mostly because I was lacking in skill to do this in the past. But once I told myself to stop procrastinating and did exactly what you told us to do, it couldn't have been easier. I’m most proud of the progress I have made as a writer, and that couldn't have been done without your help. I greatly appreciate all your efforts in helping me become a better writer and student.

  15. Jose Martinez
    Section HC4
    Dear professor Candia,
    Honestly I have learned alot from you and I feel like I’m a better thinker, and writer. I really feel like I have improved in my writing skills. I now quickly spot whats wrong with an essay and now I do how to do a persuasive and comparative essays. I learned how to think fast on my feet and come up with alot of ideas on the spot. Doing rough drafts as well as peer reviewing them help alot when it came to writing because hearing other people’s opinions help in fixing my essays. Also, I love how you practically told us step by step on how to do the source project writing. There’s teachers out there that just give the assignment without an explanation and you were kind enough to practically babysit us throughout that paper. The conferences help to watch out for what you weren’t looking for and to include things that you did looked for. The mini in class activities would help in getting my mind to be more creative and think fast. I also like how you pushed us to do better and kept reminding us about some due dates and important information regarding the assignments. In addition, You literally made me a better writer and for once in my life I would feel good about my essays after writing them but still knowing that I can do better. I just struggled with the grammar part of writing and I would love for you to include that for future students to help them with their grammar, that’s with what I mainly struggled. My biggest challenge in this semester was to write a paper that showed my true potential and showed weather I’m a good writer or not. However what I’m mostly proud of was to finally getting a good grade on the final source project, keeping in mind that you’re a tough grader, after so many not so good grades on the other essays. I appreciate what you did for us and you truly made me a better writer.

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