Blog Assignment #7

 The Source Paper - How is it going?

This week I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss where you are , and what we can work on to make your research paper develop into something that you can be proud of . The following stages you have hopefully tackled with little added stress to your busy college lives. However that is probably not the case. For each bulleted point , please discuss the challenges you faced in completing that specific task and how you overcame them in order to successfully complete them.  Please identify the point that you found the easiest and the most difficult in this process. 

Getting Started

Selecting Your Topic

Surveying Your Topic

Evaluating Sources

Working with Your Sources


Developing your Thesis Statement

Outlining Your Paper

Using Sources Fairly and Accurately

Revising Your Paper

Editing and Proofreading 


  1. Bilal Siddiqui
    EGL 101
    Getting Started- One struggle I found with starting was on what I wanted to keep my focus on throughout the essay, I did some research on topics and after putting time in it became easier to figure out what I wanted to write about.
    Selecting Your Topic- A struggle I found in figuring out what topic I wanted to write about was in finding a topic that was interesting, to help me i did research to find reliable sources that helped prove a topic i was interested in.
    Surveying Your Topic- To find sources to back up my topic I found it easy to find many sources through my own research and what I found through the Library resources. One thing i found difficult was making sure they were trustworthy
    Evaluating Sources- As a whole i found it difficult to evaluate my sources making sure they were reliable but once i found out it was reliable enough i found it easy to find good details i could use.
    Working with Your Sources -I found it easy to utilize my sources because I found many great details to prove the claim. One struggle I had was how I was going to integrate my details cohesively.
    Pre-Writing- A struggle i found in pre writing was where i should start to write but after making an outline things became a lot easier to know what i should start with and how to structure everything.
    Developing your Thesis Statement- I found it tough to give great detail in my thesis without giving too much information, but after seeing others' thesis I found what I was missing and figured how to develop it properly.
    Outlining Your Paper- I found the outline to be fairly easy it helpful to me where i could plan out what to write and have a reference to look back to the only struggle outlining my paper would be figuring out the format but it became easier after i watched the videos and used the example outline
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- One struggle i found was balancing out the sources without making them completely overtaking my whole paper.
    Revising Your Paper- I found it hard to revise my paper to figure out I fulfilled everything that was answered in my paper but it became easier after going to the writing center to look over my paper to make sure everything was done properly.
    Editing and Proofreading- Like revising my paper the writing center helped me the most as they would go over my paper and make sure everything was in place and made sense.

  2. Nicole Ferreyra
    Getting started: When this essay was first introduced to us, I thought it would probably not be too difficult and would be.a fairly easy grade to just pick a side of a controversial topic and explain why I chose the side I chose. later realized there were many components to this project and many small details that could heavily effect my grade.
    Selecting your topic: I found my topic pretty easily. It was something I've been very interested in lately and I was able to choose it pretty quickly and stick to it. I looked up controversial topics and as I scrolled through the pages that topic caught my eye and I went with it.
    Surveying your topic: I was able to find multiple articles as sources online, but the difficult part was being g able to distinguish one with true statistics and information so its important to look into the articles and which ones have true facts.
    Evaluating sources: Ultimately I was able to find a few solid sources that backed up my thesis that also had facts to support the point I am trying to prove.
    Working with your sources: As I went through my couple of sources I made sure to highlight key points in the writings that I definitely wanted to include in my paper because they had a powerful meaning to them.
    Pre Writing: I had made sure to plan out the structure of my paper and the points I want to prove through my essay. I structured it out and It had became much easier to get the writing going.
    Developing a thesis:I always struggle with initially being able to start my essays. I figured I would change around my wording as Professor recommended to assure my point and what I am trying to prove. I make my thesis bolder and more clear.
    Outlining my paper:Since we had to hand in the outline as a grade it forced me to have to structure out my paper, This definitely helped me out because I usually never write outlines for my paper so now it was much easier to have my essay flow correctly.
    Using sources and fairly:After I was able to distinguish the more phony articles from the factual ones, I had strong facts and stats to support my claim.
    Revising your paper: Revising my paper was fairly simple because I had already had the structure down. I went to the writing center so I could get a second look and opinion about my writing, they helped out a lot and suggested I change a few things around.
    Editing and Proofreading: The writing center also proofread my paper and helped me out by fixing proper punctuation and grammar issues.

  3. Carl Bluethgen
    EGL 101
    Getting started- easiest part since I knew my way around research papers I’ve done them before I’ve gotten good grades on them before and it’s no sweat.
    Selecting your topic- difficult at first since I couldn’t figure out which topic to choose from and had no idea that it had to be correlated to the blog assignment myth but after I found that out I figured gender pay gaps would be the easiest to write about there is so much information online to write and prove that topic.
    Surveying your topic- This was difficult because I had to find many good sources to write this huge five page paper and make sure they can all prove the topic and worked well into my paper.
    Evaluating sources- this part was easy since I found great reliable bibliographies and article of people that experienced my topic first hand.
    Working with your sources- my sources are great, very reliable and easy to find good details to prove my topic.
    Pre-writing- I struggled with pre writing since I had no idea where to start but the outline came in clutch and helped me very much to start my research paper.
    Developing your thesis statement- This was time consuming and difficult since Professor Candia was hard on us to create the perfect thesis statement so I was stuck not understanding that I needed to correlate my thesis to the blog assignment myths but when I figured that out I emailed Professor Candia multiple times and finally got a great topic and thesis that I could prove.
    Outlining your paper- Easily the most difficult since it was the least explained assignment, but thankfully the writing center was here to help me figure out what I needed to do with the Roman numerals, and the ABC’s.
    Using sources fairly and accurately- this part was difficult since I don’t want my research paper to be completely my sources and little outside info by myself, but I found the perfect mix of details and outside info to create a great paper.
    Revising your paper- This phase will be easy since i can use the resources given to us by the school like the writing center to help make sure this paper looks perfect before I hand it in.
    Editing and proofreading- This part will be easy but more time consuming than usual since we are writing a 5 page paper this will tough needing to reread multiple times to check for spelling, grammar, and proving the topic.

  4. Craig Hanna
    English 101

    Getting Started- When first given this assignment, I thought that it would be like any other paper that I have done in the past. I was quickly proven wrong. This paper was something truly different than I have done before. The paper is made up of a bunch of small factors that are heavily weighted towards my grade.
    Selecting Your Topic- I found that selecting the topic for my paper to be harder than I thought. All the topics that I had first thought of were too broad. I then thought of another topic that was again too broad. My final topic that I thought of was finally approved. The hard part about selecting a topic was selecting a topic that is not too broad, but it also must be a topic that is not too narrow.
    Surveying Your Topic- Finding topics for my paper was relatively easy. Using the advanced search engine on google and using a variety of databases available through the library, finding sources for my paper was the easiest part of the process.
    Evaluating Sources- Evaluating the sources for my paper was another easy step in the essay process. All the sources I found were written by legitimate sources with experience in the field. Also, the sources I found have all been cited before in other papers.
    Working with Your Sources- The sources that I found had many great details and were easy to work with. Also, the sources provided a lot of insight into my topic that I did not know. Overall, my sources were very enlightening on my topic.
    Pre-Writing- At the start of my pre-writing, I found it difficult to begin. I had to make sure that all the points I wanted to give in my paper were fully developed and backed up with proper quotes. The further I got into my pre-writing, the easier the pre-writing became.
    Developing Your Thesis Statement- Writing my actual thesis statement was a bit tough. With my thesis statement, I needed to make sure the readers understand what I want to portray without giving the reader too much information in the introduction. I wanted to make sure the reader gets the gist of the paper with the thesis and get the information by reading the full paper.
    Outlining Your Paper- Starting the outline of my paper was one of the harder parts of the essay process. I have always had a hard time writing and making an outline for my papers. I needed to make sure to not give too much information to the reader in the introduction. I needed to space out my information in a matter that made sense to a reader when they read it.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- Using my sources in a proper manner was easy. Making sure to cite and paraphrase my sources is one of the easiest things for me to do in the essay process.
    Revising Your Paper- Revising my paper was probably the hardest thing for me to do in the essay process. On my own, it is hard for me to differentiate what is extra and unwanted information from what is necessary information. With the help of the writing center, this process was made a bit easier.
    Editing and Proofreading- Editing and Proofreading my paper came to me a little bit easier than revising. Fixing grammatical errors and rearranging information in my paper is easier for me to do than full on revising my paper.

  5. Kevin Mangan
    EGL 101
    Getting Started- Getting started is always the most difficult part of any assignment for me. I found myself procrastinating at first, but eventually began to start working.
    Selecting Your Topic- Selecting a topic was easy for me. I definitely feel confident in the topic that I chose for this paper.
    Surveying Your Topic- I was able to find plenty of information on my topic including graphs, statistical analysis, and conversations with psychologists and professors.
    Evaluating Sources- I found some of my sources through blog assignment number three. Other sources I found through those articles and my own research. I also used information from the movie The Social Dilemma to prove my points.
    Working with Your Sources- My sources were easy to navigate through. I found plenty of information regarding my topic.
    Pre-Writing- I found difficulty trying to start my paper. I didn't know what the structure of my essay was going to look like. Writing an outline definitely made it easier for me to write my essay.
    Developing your Thesis Statement- At first I thought my thesis was just good enough, but after revising it and re-writing it a couple of times, I finally wrote a solid thesis statement.
    Outlining Your Paper- Outlining my paper took me longer than I thought it would. Writing it out then reorganizing it on my laptop really helped me develop the structure of my essay.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- Overall I think I used my sources to the best of my ability. Citing my sources wasn't a problem. Finding ways to incorporate my sources in my writing without just dropping text into it is the most difficult part.
    Revising Your Paper- Revising my paper was pretty simple. I always look for if I repeat a certain word or phrase too often and try to find synonyms for it.
    Editing and Proofreading- I have not had anyone else take a look at my work besides myself. I am hoping to get another writer or someone from the writing center to proofread my paper.

  6. Matthew Newman
    English 101

    Getting started: This was a little difficult. trying to understand the paper and figure out my topic took some time.
    Selecting your topic: After some time I figured out what I wanted to do. It was an easy step.
    Surveying your topic: I found a lot of information on my topic. The only hard this was making it work for the paper.
    Evaluating sources: This took some time. Trying to figure out what was credible and what was not was time consuming.
    Working with my sources: Sources were easy to find and there was plenty of information.
    Pre-writing: This was a little hard because I was trying to figure out how I wanted to write my paper. After a while I figured it out.
    Developing your thesis statement: This took some time. Figuring out how it should be written and getting help made it easy.
    Outlining your paper: The outline was not hard. Figuring out how I wanted to present my information took some time but overall it was not bad.
    Using sources fairly and accurately: I used the sources as best as I could. It was very easy and learning how to correctly site them was easy.
    Revising your paper: This was not bad. It took time to look over the essay but in the long run it's good for you. You find a lot of mistakes that can make your paper better.
    Editing and proofreading: This took time because I wanted to perfect my writing. Having no one else to look at it was hard but I was able to overcome that.

  7. Tommy Russell
    EGL 101

    Getting Started & Selecting Your Topic- This was the easiest part for me because once I started writing I was able to put a lot of information dowm about this topic. I am very pationate about this topic because I have been playing video games for most of my life. Once I heard about this research paper the topic of video games came to my mind. I knew I'd be able to write a lot about the topic.
    Surveying Your Topic & Evaluating Sources- Once I looked up the effects of video games there were a lot of articles that were about the postive and negative effects video games. The sources I used have a lot of information on the effects of video games and had evidence to back it up.
    Working With Your Sources - I was able to use a bunch of facts from the articles to back up what I was saying in the research paper.
    Pre-Writing- This was the hardest part because I wasn't sure how to start off the paper but after making the outline it helped me know what to do now. Also I didn't focus on one topic in my outline since each paragraph was about different effecta of video games.
    Developing your thesis statement- It didn't take me long to think of my thesis statement but its not really good currently. I'm going to change it to a better thesis statement.

  8. Clint Aupont
    EGL 101
    Getting Started-Figuring out what exactly I want to write about while staying within the boundaries of the rules of what can be written was difficult. Having to rewrite the thesis multiple times because it was too broad and I had to figure out what can I technically write will still having resemblance of my original thesis
    Selecting Your Topic- Coming down to my topic meant I had to play around with my wording constantly to make sure it meets the expectation of what is written. My original topic was based around technology therefore my thesis will need to be based on technology. But originally my thesis was too broad and I understand that because now looking back at it, the thesis included all types of things which meant the paper would go in any direction and cause the reader to lose interest. There were way too many topics in there but fortunately because of that, I was able to pick off those topics as a thesis which worked in my favor.
    Surveying Your Topic- When surveying my topic from the large broad topics I originally had, I had to pick a topic that has many years of research, development and can come from drawn from excellent accredited sources
    Evaluating Sources- When it came to picking my sources, I had to pick the most mainstream and accredited sources. Those sources include but not limited to Forbes, Business Insider, NASA and the History Channel. Just the four sources I just named, they are sources many trusts, entrepreneurs, teachers and and scientists
    Working with Your Sources- Gathering all the sources I will need was not difficult considering my topic, but extracting the information from my sources will be proven time consuming as the vast array of information that is already provided is enough to cover my topic.
    Pre-Writing- Having all the information in my hand is great but implementing the information into my paper will be the hard part. To help mitigate this, I need to refer to an outline to know where things will specifically be placed. But what's left is my annotations on each source being what information will specifically be drawing out and implementing into my paper.
    Developing your Thesis Statement- My topic being around technology made it difficult considering how broad the topic of technology can be. So using what I already had, choosing space was the easiest thing considering my deep interest into space as well. Now it was down to writing a thesis that met the preresoquies for my paper to be written
    Outlining Your Paper- Outlining the paper was easy considering I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about and where exactly each section will be placed.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- Using my sources fairly and accurately meant to me as to not plagiarize the work therefore I must utilize MLA format to credit the sources that I will use in my paper
    Revising Your Paper- Revising my paper will be hard for me to do on my own thanks to my bias of me thinking my paper will be perfectly fine so I understand that I will need to use outside help to revise my paper
    Editing and Proofreading - The outside help I will be utilizing will be the writing center. The writing center will help me find someone to proofread my work and find out ways to help edit and improve my paper to acceptable standards.

  9. Hannaan Ismail
    ENG 101

    Getting Started: When I first found out that we were doing a research paper, I thought it was going to be same as previous papers that I have written. But, from what I’ve seen, there are a lot of things that can help bring my grade up or down.
    Selecting Your Topic: Selecting my topic was one hardest parts of this paper. I tried deciding between 3 topics and when I finally decided, it was not good enough. Finally, I found a topic that went with what we are learning in class and is controversial.
    Surveying Your Topic: Finding topics for paper was somewhat easy and somewhat hard. My topic is relatively new so there is a lot of information to be found.
    Evaluating Sources: For my topic, there are a lot of opinion related sources but also a lot of factual sources. I had to read through each source to make sure my sources to see if they were factual and provided evidence.
    Working with Your Sources: My sources have a lot of details that I can use and cite for my paper. But for some claims, I need multiple sources and combine them to answer some of my claims.
    Pre-Writing: I found all my sources but writing them and forming my claim was hard. I was struggling with how I was going to implement them into my writing. I have figured out to implement most of my sources into my writing but still have to figure out how to include all of them.
    Developing your Thesis Statement: developing my thesis statement was hard for me. When deciding between topics, the thesis statement the thesis statement was the deciding factor about what my topic was going to be about. But I finally decided and happy with my thesis statement.
    Outlining Your Paper: Outlining the paper was somewhat hard. It was hard because it came so fast and I had to also focus on work form other classes at the same time. I feel like I rushed the outline, but it still came out good enough to where I can work with it.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately: Using my sources fairly and accurately was easy. I cited everything that I got from mm sources in MLA format. My sources have multiple facts that can help with my paper
    Revising Your Paper: I have not revised my paper yet. But I do not think it will be difficult. Revising my paper will only make it better and I want to have a very good paper.
    Editing and Proofreading : I have not got to this step yet. I am still in the process of writing my rough draft in which it will take time. I am going to send my work to the writing center to also help revise and proof read my work to make it better.

  10. Getting started- I was definitely overwhelmed when getting started because there are so many topics to choose from. Having you break it down into parts and sections really helped me stay organized and on task.

    Selecting my topic- A challenge I found when selecting my topic was finding something I was interested in learning more about and researching. I decided to research topics I thought were relevant to today and something to bring more awareness to.

    Surveying my topic- I found it difficult to find specific information and reliable sources about my topic. Joining the zoom of how to work the library databases really helped me.

    Evaluating sources- It was tricky in making sure the sources were credible. After looking at examples of good sources vs bad and again the zoom meeting really helped me out.

    Working with your source- I saved articles and printed out journal articles and highlighted and took notes on specific information I wanted to make sure I included.

    Pre-Writing- It was difficult to know where or how to begin because there was so much information I wanted to include.

    Outlining my paper- Having an outline really helped show me how to break down my paper and what to include where. It was difficult making sure I was including the right information but having it broken down like that really made it clear.

    Using sources fairly and accurately- A struggle I found was making sure I didn’t solely base my paper off the sources words and use the information accurately and when needed.

    Revising your paper- The structure of my paper was planned out and we have been working piece by piece so it was not too hard to revise and make sure all the components were there.

    Editing and proofreading- Having other people proofread my paper was helpful. I also want to send my paper to the writing center for a proofread and to fix any errors or provide any suggestions will be very helpful.

  11. Michael Turturro
    EGL 101
    Getting Started - My easiest part was what subject do I want to be about but I chose music. The hardest part and challenge was what about my subject should I talk about. I overcame them by doing research.
    Selecting The Topic - The easy part was looking at the titles of the articles to determine if they were for my view or against it. The difficult part/challenge is looking for the actual quotes that support my view. I overcame by reading the article.
    Surveying The Topic - One difficulty was if the article is well known to be honest. One easy thing is choosing out the topic that appeals to me. By doing what had to be done.
    Evaluating Sources - The challenge is telling if the sources fit my thesis statement. The easy part was telling the sources main purpose of being created. By looking at the sources.
    Working With My Sources - The hard obstacle is trying to figure out the details of the story. The easy part was knowing the author. Reading through the story helped.
    Pre-Writing - The hard obstacle was trying to figure out where to start. The easy part was the background information of the subject. The writing center helped me.
    Developing My Thesis Statement - The easy part was knowing my topic because I already knew my topic at this point. The difficult part was making sure that it was a good thesis statement. I went to the Writing Center to help.
    Outlining My Paper - The easy section is knowing the format of my outline. The challenging section was filling out the outline. I did it by going to get help from the school.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately - The challenge was making sure I was not using too many quotes. The fly through part was what evidence I should use. I got help from the school.
    Revising My Paper - The difficult section is what is not right in my paper. The easy part was finding the parts that are fine. Went to the writing center for help.
    Editing and Proofreading - The easy part was actually reading my essay. The difficult part was what to edit. I went to the writing center for help.

  12. Michael Matthews
    Eng 101

    Getting Started- Getting Started is always the most difficult part for me. I am unsure of what topic I want to do the paper on. I eventually found what I wanted to do the paper on
    Selecting Your Topic- Picking a topic was difficult because there were so many different topics that I was interested in. I finally picked the topic of social media.
    Surveying Your Topic- Finding different topics that I wanted to research was easy. I mostly used google and the Farmingdale library’s database
    Evaluating Sources- Evaluating sources for my paper was easy. There were many valid sources that I could have picked from and all of them came from reliable sources
    Working with Your Sources- All of the sources that I found had great information and details in the articles. My sources taught me many things and provided me additional knowledge on my topic
    Pre-Writing- Pre-writing was difficult for me because I always have a hard time starting off my papers. Starting to think about how to introduce my topic in my introduction was difficult for me. To fix this issue I need to organize my ideas and figure out what I want to put into my introduction.
    Developing your Thesis Statement- Coming up with my thesis statement was difficult because I had to make sure my topic wasn’t too broad. I tried different thesis statements in order to prove something. After a few tries I was able to come up with a good thesis statement.
    Outlining Your Paper- My outline took a lot of time to do and I was wasn’t sure about some of the things I wrote. I need to space out my information, instead of putting it all in one page. I had a lot of information and different sources for my paper and I needed to balance out my outline.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- Using my sources in my paper was easy and I just needed to make sure that I cited properly.
    Revising Your Paper- Revising my paper was very difficult and it probably took the longest to do. I don’t like revising my writing, but I know that I need to in order to get a better grade.
    Editing and Proofreading- This is an easy to do and takes less time than revising my paper. Fixing my grammar and making sure my sentences make sense

  13. Diana Glancy
    EGL 101

    Getting started: I had a hard time finding the motivation to do this paper. I did not want to do any of the work because I was scared I just was not going to do well, I did not understand what was going on and that scared me so I wanted to put it off as much as possible
    Selecting your topic: I had no clue what I was going to do and I was scared that you were not going to like it or it was not going to be good enough because I am not the strongest writer so it was difficult because of fear
    Surveying your topic: It was easy finding stuff on my topic because it is a known thing that many people are concerned about
    Evaluating sources: finding sources was fairly easy because it was all medicine and doctors so finding reliable sources was very easy
    Working with your sources:the one thing that was difficult with the sources was a lot of them said the same thing so it was just repeating everything I already used
    Pre-writing: it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that I actually have to write this paper now and get rid of writing anxiety and just letting it flow
    Developing your thesis statement: trying to find the right wording without sounding too broad or boring is very hard for me to do when it comes to writing
    Outlining your paper: trying to figure out what information to group with other information and what order to put it in and whether I needed more information or not was difficult
    Using sources fairly and accurately: citing is probably the worse thing in my opinion and I always get so nervous that I'm doing it wrong even if I'm following an outline
    Revising your paper: I hate revising my paper because I rather just be done with it but it's hard for me to read my writing over without hating it and telling myself its bad

  14. Joscar rivera
    egl 101

    Getting Started- It took me a slow start to getting started because I wasn’t sure on what I wanted to write about and what to keep my focus on.
    Selecting Your Topic- At first, I struggled on finding my topic because everything I chose was to broad. I also struggled because I couldn’t find enough information to back up my topic that I chose. It helped me find my topic because I looked at the topics, we went through for our class lessons this year.
    Surveying Your Topic- I found a lot of sources and information on my topic,
    Evaluating Sources- I was able to find many sources that backed up my side of the argument and sources from the school library database and the google scholar section.
    Working with Your Sources- I found it easy to find good evidence because my topic is very important, and many people have their opinions and beliefs. A lot of the sources I used had a lot of information and details to back my topic, but many of these sources also spoke about both side of the argument.
    Pre-Writing- prewriting my essay is hard because I’m not sure on how to start essay’s because I have a lot of information to talk about and didn’t know how or where I wanted to place certain information. But after making my outline it made easier because I had all of my information and details in the order, I wanted to present it.
    Developing your Thesis Statement- Developing my thesis statement was difficult because I had to rewrite it many times before I had a thesis that was actually good.
    Outlining Your Paper- doing the outline of my paper was difficult at first because I didn’t have a set topic, and I wasn’t sure on what information I wanted to use
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately

  15. Gita Sapkota
    ENG 101

    Getting Started - when we started talking about the paper I was thinking it would be same as high school, but when actually looked at it, it was completely different that what I expected.

    Selecting Your Topic - I had struggle trying to figure out what I should mainly focus on while writing my paper. I am still struggling, but now I know what I should do with the help of writing center and Professor Candia.

    Surveying Your Topic - It was easy finding topics about what I wanted to write, but I was not quite sure about what I actually wanted to write and because of that I kept changing and did extra research, which kind of wasted my time, but going to writing center helped a lot.

    Evaluating Sources - At first I was scared about how to do research with database, but after Professor Candia gave us full period to talk to one of the librarian, it was fine. It was really easy to find sources of my topic.

    Working with Your Sources - All my sources has many good details about my topic. I think this was not that difficult to do, since I had researched many claims that supported my topic.

    Pre-Writing - I was really nervous to start writing my paper, because I was overthinking on how to start. I keep repeating the same thing, but writing center was really helpful.

    Developing your Thesis Statement - I felt this was the very difficult process to do. I changed my thesis many different times, but it was still not approved my Professor Candia. when we had the small conference in class about our outline, I think I understood what I was actually missing and what I actually have to do.

    Outlining Your Paper - This was hard for me, because I had so many different topics in my head and I could not figure out on how to start my paper, but with the help of writing center, it was really easy for me to outline my paper.

    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately

    Revising Your Paper - I usually panic, and end up not revising my paper, but I think its very goof to revise your paper because you might end up changing many things.

    Editing and Proofreading - I will give full credit to writing center for this one, because they helped me correct my every little mistake that I made.

  16. Getting Started- I found this to be my most challenging part because I didn't know where to start. I had no clue what my topic would be and how I would do the paper.
    Selecting Your Topic- This wasn't that difficult because in class the Professor went over some topics and that helped me select.
    Surveying Your Topic- This also wasn't that hard because my topic was fairly easy to get information on.
    Evaluating Sources- There were multiple different sources on my topic so this part was easy.
    Working With Your Sources- All the sources I found were very informative on my topic. It helped my decide what I am going to put into my paper
    Pre-Writing- It was difficult to put all of my information together in an organized way.
    Developing Your Thesis Statement- I am still having trouble with this part. I have finalized my thesis statement.
    Outlining Your Paper- It wasn't that difficult after I figure out how I was gonna do it.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- Using my sources are the most easiest part in any papers that I write.
    Revising Your Paper- I haven't gotten to this part yet.
    Editing and Proofreading- Editing and Proofreading are easy to do in general so this part should be easy.

  17. The hardest part was picking a topic because there are so many different things to research. Surveying my topic helped me decide what topic I wanted to do. Evaluating my sources was the easiest part because I just had to make sure my sources related to my topic. Pre writing would help me make sure my paper is ready to be written. Developing my thesis would help me create a good start to my paper. Outlining my paper allows me to properly organize my paper. Using my sources fairly and accurately would allow me to prove my research in my paper. Revising and proof reading and editing my paper allows me to make sure my paper is as good as it can be.

  18. James Kwarta
    Getting started- i struggled with getting started with my paper because i had such a variety of topics i could have used so my mind was running wild trying to figure out the best topic. I overcame this by sitting down with my family and talking about which topic was best for me to write about.
    Selecting topic-I had a very acceptable thesis at first, but then as i was writing the outline, i could not finish the outline due to lack of reliable information on the topic so i had to change my topic.
    Surveying topic- I did not have much trouble surveying my information, the only thing that I noticed is repetitive information.
    Evaluating sources-it was a little difficult because I wanted to make sure my quotes were not just coming from anyone, they have to be from reliable sources.
    Working with my sources- was not that difficult and included explanations after all quotes.
    Pre writing - i felt very good about my paper pre writing it because i had the option to write about anything i want so i had to take advantage of that.
    Developing my thesis- was a little difficult because I wanted to make it sound the best it could and be a good topic for my paper.
    Outlining my paper- outlining my paper was not that difficult because I gathered info and broke down the outline before writing it.
    Using sources fairly and accurately- using accurate information was a little difficult because i wanted to make sure i had the best and most reliable quotes.
    Revising my paper- along with myself i had other people read my outline and had them criticize it so i can make changes for the better.
    Editing and proofreading- editing and proofreading was not difficult because i had a lot of different opinions about my paper from people who read it over for me.

  19. V.Chandra Swaroop Reddy
    English 101

    Getting started – For me, the most difficult part of any assignment is getting started. I choose to do some research relating to music. The hardest part and obstacle were deciding what aspect of my topic to discuss. I was able to overcome them by doing research.
    Selecting your topic – Finding something I was interested in learning more about and exploring was a challenge for me when deciding on a subject. I wanted to look at subjects that I felt were current and needed further attention.
    Surveying your topic – It was difficult for me to find specific information and reliable sources on my subject.
    Evaluating sources – I wanted to use the most popular and reliable sources when it came to my sources. I used National Center for Health Research, Hindustan Times, Healthline as my sources for information. These sources are trustworthy.
    Working with your sources – My sources had a lot of information to prove my thesis statement. I had taken notes and highlighted specific information to mention in my work.
    Pre-Writing – Since there was so much information that I wanted to provide in my work, it was difficult to decide where to start and how to start.
    Developing your Thesis Statement – It was difficult for me to come up with a thesis statement because I needed to make sure my subject wasn't too general. I experimented with various thesis statements in order to make a point. I was able to come up with a successful thesis argument after a few attempts.
    Outlining your paper – It took me a long time to write my outline. It was little difficult to find out what info to group together and what order to write it.
    Using sources fairly and accurately – It was easy and I made sure that I didn’t focus my paper just on words of the sources and use the info accurately when needed.
    Revising your paper – I felt it difficult because I needed to find and remove the unwanted info, and made sure I had followed the correct format.
    Editing and Proofreading – I revised the paper twice and made sure there weren’t any grammatical errors. I asked my friends to proofread my paper and asked them for suggestions which was very helpful.

  20. Akshith Ramesh,

    Getting Started: One of the most critical aspects of writing an essay or source paper is the beginning, and if the beginning fails, the whole work will fail. So, finding a good start among all of the sources I had was challenging, but once I did, I felt confident that the rest of the paper would be flawless.
    Selecting Your Topic: I must return to the subject with proper analysis and knowledge sourcing when writing my article. If my topic is dull, it will be difficult to write a good paper because gathering the necessary information is exhausting.
    Surveying Your Topic: I was able to locate several articles as references on the internet, but the difficult part was determining which ones contained accurate statistics and facts.

    Evaluating sources: Another simple step in the essay writing process was evaluating the sources for my paper, which was easy because all of the sources I found were written by reputable experts in the field and I had all of the knowledge I needed.

    Working with your sources: Considering my subject, gathering all of the sources I'll need was not difficult; however, collecting information from my sources was long-winded.

    Pre-writing: I had made sure to map out the layout of my paper with an outline and the points I wanted to prove in my essay, but the hard part was actually putting the details into my paper.

    Developing your thesis statement: I had too many ideas for a thesis statement but finding a proper one that isn’t too broad was difficult.

    Outline your paper: This was difficult for me because I had so many ideas in my mind and couldn't figure out where to begin my paper, but once I understood the proper meaning of my thesis, it was simple to outline my paper.

    Using sources fairly and accurately: It was relatively simple to use accurate information because all of my sources were extremely credible, and the authors were well qualified.

    Revising Your Paper: Any time I write a paper, I send it to any of my peers to read it and provide feedback, and I work on improving it if anything is truly wrong.

    Editing and Proofreading: Unfortunately, writing a great paper necessitates a lot of editing, which is where my real challenge was. But I felt easy on doing the proofreading part.

  21. Saurabh Subash Chand

    Getting Started - This was a bit challenging for me because I was not sure on what I wanted to write about. It was totally different than what I expected. I overcame it after doing some research.
    Selecting Your Topic - I was having trouble because at first the topic which I chose was too broad. But after two attempts my topic was approved by the Professor and I was able to do it.
    Surveying the Topic - It was a bit easier for me. I was able to find numerous articles online, but to choose the article which has detailed as well as correct information was challenging.
    Evaluating Sources - I had found various articles that backed up my thesis. I tried to use such sources which were popular. So this part was easy. It was also challenging because I had to make sure that the sources fit my thesis statement.
    Working with your Sources - There were many sources related to my topic, Many sources had the same information. I found sources which were related to my thesis but some sources spoke about both sides of the argument.
    Pre-Writing - I was facing difficulties in Pre-writing because I was confused on where and how to start. But the outline gave me clear ideas and helped me in writing the essay.
    Developing your thesis statement - At first I had trouble in building my thesis statement. I was having some grammatical errors in my statement. But after reading it for two to three times, I was able to correct it and write the thesis statement.
    Outlining Your Paper - It was difficult for me because I was confused about what are all the points which I must include in it. It was time consuming, but I was able to do it.
    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately - I tried to use the best sources. I did not find any difficulty in citing the sources. It was easy.
    Revising Your Paper - I was having some difficulties in this but, Professor helped me by suggesting some points which I must include and the points which I must exclude.
    Editing and Proofreading - It was not so difficult for me because Professor and some of my friends helped me in correcting the mistakes.

  22. Getting Started- For me, the most difficult part of any assignment is getting started. At first, I found myself postponing, but after a while, I started to work.

    Selecting Your Topic- I had no trouble deciding on a topic. I am certain that the topic I selected for this paper is the right one for me.

    Surveying Your Topic- It was simple to locate information on my topic because it is a well known problem that many people are worried about.

    Evaluating Sources- It was easy to evaluate references for my paper. There were several valid sources from which I might have chosen, many of which came from reputable sources.

    Working with Your Sources- My sources were simple to understand. I was able to find a lot of details on my topic.

    Pre-Writing- I had trouble getting started on my paper. I had no idea how my article was going to be structured. It was a lot simpler for me to compose my essay after I made an outline.

    Developing your Thesis Statement- It was difficult for me to come up with a thesis statement because I needed to make sure my subject wasn't too broad. I experimented with various thesis claims in order to make a point. I was able to come up with a successful thesis argument after a few attempts.

    Outlining Your Paper- It took me longer to outline my paper than I expected. It really helped me build the outline of my thesis by writing it down and then reorganizing it.

    Using Sources Fairly and Accurately- Overall, I believe I did the best I could for my sources. It wasn't difficult for me to cite my references. The most challenging thing is figuring out how to add my references into my writing without simply dropping text into it.

    Revising Your Paper- It was fairly quick to revise my article. I still check to see if I'm repeating a word or phrase too frequently and try to come up with synonyms.

    Editing and Proofreading- This is a simple process that will take less time than revising my paper. Making corrections to my spelling and ensuring that my sentences make sense

  23. James Fazio
    EGL 101

    Getting started: Getting started isn't to bad, once I am focused getting started isn't a problem.

    Selecting your topic: Selecting the topic wasn't hard, but narrowing it down to a specific area wasn't easy. I had to think about an area where I had enough information I could right about and make valid points.

    surveying your topic: getting information about my topic was fairly easy because it's something that many people talk about.

    Evaluating Sources: I felt that my sources were good enough to help me prove my point and create a valid research paper.

    Working with your sources: My sources weren't complicated. They were easy to understand which helped me find many details.

    Pre writing: Starting my paper is always hard for me. Fixing my outline and understanding exactly what I'm writing about helped me write quickly.

    Developing your Thesis statement: coming up with a thesis statement wasn't hard for me. making sure my statement wasn't to broad was the only problem I had.

    Outlining your paper: I had trouble outlining my paper at first. Once I fixed my outline, everything became easier.

    Using sources fairly and accurately: My sources helped me make great points in my paper. Citing wasn't to easy but overall I feel good about it.

    Revising your paper: Revising dosen't take too long and isn't hard. It has helped me pick up careless mistakes I made.

    Editing and proofreading: This isn't difficult, I'm just making sure my grammer is correct and my sentences make sense.

  24. Mikayla Henderson
    Getting started ~ The first thing I did was looking into different controversial topics and what seemed like the best subject that would have a lot of different and resourceful sources. There have been many components to this project and being given the opportunity to start on this project from the beginning has made it way less overwhelming to complete. But because of how fast semesters fly by it is also a little stressful at the same time. Also narrowing the topics down has been a little bit of a struggle because the topic I have been researching is so broad and I can write multiple papers in one with all the areas that are within this one topic.

    Selecting your topic ~ My topic was pretty easy to figure out because the school system is awful these days and I am very interested in the statistics and the reasons why the systems of education are failing.

    Evaluating sources: When finding my sources, I checked to make sure they were written by professors, doctors, teachers and pretty much anyone that had good credentials and knew details and specific statistics dealing with the topic I was researching.

    Working with your sources ~ while evaluating my sources I made sure to note of key points and ideas and statistics, that would respectfully fit my paper and give proper facts that support my thesis.

    Pre-Writing ~ Before starting my outline I made sure I had a good structure and how I wanted to construct it. I also made sure to find facts that would help me get started.

    Developing your thesis ~ while developing my thesis I needed to find a way to narrow my topic down to a less broad idea, but once I figured it out, it wasn’t to hard.

    Outlining your paper ~ Before I could start writing down facts, I needed to construct a good structure for it and I wasn’t completely sure where to start but once I looked over my sources a few more times, I was able to dissect them and then pick a starting point and then go with it.

    Using sources fairly and accurately ~ Citing sources properly after quoting or using statistics from sources gives the author proper credit and because they help you so much with your resources and facts it is only fair to them. And I didn’t really have trouble when citing my sources.

    Revising your paper ~ revising a paper is so important when writing a successful paper, it helps fix grammar, spelling and proper punctuation mistakes and can also help make sure nothing in your paper is accidentally plagiarized and to make sure sourced are cited properly. And is so easy because of the tools given to us through the internet.

    Editing and proofreading: this is a fairly simple procedure and doesn’t take very long, and only helps perfect the paper.

  25. I think that the most difficult part of this process was evaluating my sources. It took me a while to fully figure out what direction I want to go in with my sources and how I wanted to present them. Then the struggle of actually finding a source to go along with how I want to develop the paper. It was difficult but once you get through the first one and start to get into a flow it gets much easier. Evaluating your sources takes a lot of effort and that’s why it was the hardest stage in the process of developing my paper.

  26. Joanna Cuenca
    Getting Started- As I started my essay I knew off the bat what kinf of topic I wanted to write about

    Selecting your topic- Selecting the topic was not as hard since I knew my topic base off my own experience

    Surveying your topic- it was a easy finding topics about what I wanted to write, since it a common diet

    Evaluating Sources- it was easy to find sourcws for my topic after having the talk with librarian

    Working with your sources- all my sources has many good details about my topic.

    Pre-Writing – I was gathering my thoughts from my outline and trying to make it nore interesting

    Developing your thesis Statements- developing my thesis was hard because I wanted to make sure it was perfect.
    Outlining your paper - it was not as complex because it made me organize everything
    Revising Your paper I have not gotten to this part