Blog Assignment #2 - The Myth of Education and Empowerment

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The Myth of Education and Empowerment

After reading at least two of the readings about education in above, assume the role of an expert on the topic of education.  Enter the formal conversation and long standing debate regarding the purpose of education. Is education's main role one of self discovery or is it for career training? Use two of the articles to formulate your opinion and also as proof( cited ) in your blog response.


  1. Joanna Cuenca

    Throughout the decades the world has emphasized of the importance of school. It has been known to be crucial for success and upbringings no matter what social class you’re in. As the years went on families, government and schools has ingrained in our mind the importance of having achieved success with good education comes wealth. Wealth has become the gateway to power.

    Although social class takes a toll on how good of an education you receive depending on your social status. It is of common knowledge that depending on your community and how much money your town has it goes to the school district you pertain. The more wealth you have the better the education is. Being of high class gives leisure for kids to continue having access to achieve success compare to kids who don’t have the same benefit. Having these benefits helps the kids in the long run,” It's no surprise that schools in wealthy communities are better than those in poor communities, or that they better prepare their students for desirable jobs. (Social Class and the hidden curriculum of work Jean Anyon)”. this exemplifies that the school system caters for kids who have more advantages to keep them in the circle of success. They give the best education purposely so they can have the mindset of success. Especially public schools where teacher isn’t paid enough which leads them to not really give to my concern on their student’s education since there bored,” teachers are themselves products of the same twelve-year compulsory school programs that so thoroughly bore their students, and as school personnel they are trapped inside structures even more rigid than those imposed upon the children. (Against School, John Taylor Gatto”. Many school officials that work in public schools’ system don’t give their all to teaching these kids the proper ultimately affecting them in a negative way by not letting them achieve their full capability.

    Education is a main role one of self-discovery. Education helps build knowledge from the smallest ideologies to the more complex ideas. Education is important so you can have a sense of what you are more passionate about.

  2. Mikayla Henderson

    The education system always strives to make everyone believe that school is needed to become successful in life and set up students on the right path for a career. From the moment we learn to walk and talk its ingrained in our minds that school is the main source of our success in life. It is no question that better schooling depends on social class and a certain level of wealth. The wealthier you are the better school you can send your kids to, but the poorer you are the worse the school gets, and the more successful you are in school growing up the better college you will get into and the better career you’ll gain.

    There are plenty of people in today’s day in age who taught themselves, what it took to be successful in life, and they didn’t learn it from a school system. The “main” reason mass schooling has been pushed on kids so hard by family, teachers and society was to make good people, good citizens and make an individual strive to do the best for themselves in their lives (How public education cripples our kids, and why, 2). But the real main goal isn’t to make them as successful as they want themselves to be, it’s to generalize the population of school aged students and make them the same level as each other in society, this is also known as the integrating function (How Public education…, 2). They don’t teach students real life ways to become successful without education, they’re just told at a young age, That if they are poor and cant financially afford a better school, they’re automatically thrown into this category of they’ll live in the low class their entire life, and they’ll never make it out of the social class they were born into, when in reality that is so wrong, most people born in a lower class strive to work hard to afford what their parents couldn’t for them, while rich kids don’t work for anything they have most of the time and think they won’t need to work in their future to be successful. It’s a stereotype that shouldn’t exist in the world we live in, because no matter what social class you come from and you work hard for what you have, you can be as successful as you want. Teachers actually reward students depending on their behavior and personal traits that coincide with their social class (Social Class and the hidden curriculum of work, 1).

    While school was set up to allow students to discover one’s self and ones likes and dislikes, it also doesn’t strive to make students different from each other, they are all taught the same classes over and over again, without teaching students the classes they are actually interested in taking, but they don’t have an option but to take the classes they have no interest in because they need certain classes to graduate. So why not teach the classes no matter the requirements in order to allow them the full extent of self-discovery, because that’s what schools supposed to be about instead of just generalizing the population to be exactly the same as each other. This will allow more students to strive for success in what they actually want to pursue in their life.

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  4. Akshith Ramesh

    From being an ape to a human, this evolution shows a major difference only in learning. Human starts to learn and understand nature, then he understands his needs, then he understands what others need and finally he starts earning for his greed. So initially his learning was for self-discovery and then the table turned to career training.

    On self-activation, self-discovery follows. Until a person reacts, decides and initiates, neither he nor anyone else knows what's in him for certain. Many teachers have seen information or information vanish into the lives of students, as it were, and then wondered what remained of all this.Often, without due consideration to the psychosocial variables involved in the learner, we concentrate all our attention on information and the learning process.Those who are, as it were, growing cabbages over an oil field, the instructor, if at all observant, finds under his care. That is to say, in their physical, intellectual, they are mindful of and use only a small part of the potential. Social and social skills.

    One of the main benefits of self-study is that learners are able to take care of their own learning. And they become much more involved in learning when students have influence.Many become more optimistic learners as students do more self-study. They are able to see themselves as an autonomous person who is able to learn new things without anyone helping them. “Don't hide behind reading, writing, and arithmetic as a rationale, because 2 million happy homeschoolers have surely put that banal justification to rest. Even if they hadn't, a considerable number of well-known Americans never went through the twelve-year wringer our kids currently go through, and they turned out all right. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln? Someone taught them, to be sure, but they were not products of a school system, and not one of them had ever "graduated" from a secondary school.”(Against School by John Taylor Gatto)

    Education is developed for the potential of self discovery and to really know what is the need of our existence and contribution to this world. Knowing this may automatically shape our career to what we dreamt to become.

  5. V.Chandra Swaroop Reddy
    English 101

    Education is one of the main components of society that brings development and change. The more educated people in the society, the more benefit they can make to their environment. This even makes the education more important in society. Education is a weapon to improve one’s life. It is probably the most important tool to change one’s life.

    The key role of education is to find oneself personalities and interests. Every individual is unique and through education they find their own. Because of this ever-changing world that we live in, people are struggling to find their true identity. We all heard the phrase "people change" well, people change to fit into a community that leaves its true identity. Often, we think that people would like me a whole lot more if I improve. This continuously occurs. Since you've improved, do they like you better? Most possibly not. Personally, if people like me changed to fit in, would I really care? Oh, no. I know who I am and what I want to do with my life. To blend in, why would I want to change that? I realize I'm just special. That is what people overlook.

    Nowadays, many people use education to develop their career without any interest and passion due to forceful social pressure. As John Taylor Gatto’s mentioned in “Against School” the educational system for students sounds like a jail rather than a place to grasp, evolve and prosper. It is due to the forceful social pressure. Through education one can always find who they truly are. As Mike Rose describes about the impact of education on his life in “I Just Wanna Be Average” he describes in the end about the impact of a teacher and education he finds himself who he truly is.

    In the end everyone wants to be successful. In order to achieve the success, everyone should educate themselves to self-discover about themselves and pursue their passion instead of using it for career training.

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  7. Ram Rakkappan

    In the present world, education is believed to be the importance of the success of a person in his life. If a person doesn’t study or doesn’t have a good education it is believed that he won’t succeed in life. This is what society or the people in this generation has bought into the kid’s mind. It is believed that the wealth of a person depends on the level of education he gets. that the lower the social class of the students' families, the more boring and basic their curriculum would be, while the higher the social class, on the other hand, the more thought goes into the coursework of the students.

    In today’s society Staring from preschool, all kids are schooled using a similar syllabus with no variation to accommodate individual wants. Unless you're lucky enough to live near a specialized school or have enough money to pay for the private school, the brain of each child is stamped in "core" classes with basic knowledge, giving no child a true sense of what is available to them in their future and the way to induce there, till they're thrown into the real world for College. “it is in the interest of complex management… to dumb people down, to demoralize them… and to discard them if they don't conform,” (Against School by John Taylor Gatto). The low-income students are being taught in a very basic way. These children are being negatively affected by this because if they are always being taught in this way then they will never be challenged academically, which can play a huge role in their futures. “Work is often evaluated not according to whether it is right or wrong but according to whether the children followed the right steps.” (Social Class and the hidden curriculum of work by Jean Anyon).

    In Conclusion, education is broader than simply falling into what the up to date establishment should supply. Now, with our college system, the intelligent cannot leave to impact the globe, and people left behind cannot receive the assistance they have to realize their dreams as a result of they’re pushed out of high school however not qualified for school. Doing this proves that in our society, those deemed valueless are thrown on the road, and people deemed worthy are pushed into a lifetime of fame. So education’s main role is for career training