Monday, September 4, 2017

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Freedom From What (2014) by Pops Peterson

Freedom From Fear by Norman Rockwell (1894-1978)

What is Peterson saying about race, freedom and fear in America?

Eric Garner and Michael Brown Cases:
Warning if watching videos :disturbing content. 

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Michael Brown Case - What Happened?

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Inclass Assignment:
NYT  Sunday Review on Nov. 30,2014 , Michael Eric Dyson asked, “Where Do We Go After Ferguson?” He reflects on the fact that black and white people “rarely see race in the same way,” and notes:
These clashing perceptions underscore the physics of race, in which an observer effect operates: The instrument through which one perceives race — one’s culture, one’s experiences, one’s fears and fantasies — alters in crucial ways what it measures.

Read the below article and  formulate your opinion regarding the prompting questions.
-What is your reaction to the grand jury’s decision?
- Were you surprised by the grand jury’s decision?
-What do you think of the Brown family’s response and their call for police to wear body cameras?

As a group, discuss, the two paintings , Peterson and Rockwell, the articles on Ferguson , Brown and Garner, the sports community reaction as well as the public's reaction and formulate your response to the following question as a group to present at the end of the class.

What is being said and how do you feel about the issues of fear, freedom and race in America?

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