Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What to consider when writing your final draft?

Revising and editing are the means to evaluating your writing to find ways to make it better.
The process involves deleting, adding, replacing, and moving words, sentences, and passages in the text. Revising and editing doesn't mean that you didn't do a fine job on your rough draft or that you’re not a good writer. In fact, just the opposite is the case. The finest writers tend to do the most revising. The very word revise, meaning  “to see again,” shows that revision involves judging and rethinking your first thoughts to make improvements.
It’s important that you step back from your work and see it with a fresh and impartial eye. As you revise and edit, try to be objective about your work, to judge it as others would.
Consider Audience and Purpose
Revising by Deleting
Revise by Elaborating
Revise by Correcting Punctuation
Revise by Rewording
Revise by Creating Unity
Create a Title Page
Correct Error, Correct Commonly Confused Words,Run-ons,Fragments,Possession
Tense Shifts

Refer to the powerpoint for checklist here :

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