Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Treasure Hunt Poem Assignment

Poetry Prompt: Treasure Hunt Poem

Due Date:

Go to the library. Wait until you see someone wearing a blue shirt headed towards a bookshelf in the stacks. Follow that person surreptitiously. Take out the book directly to the left of the book the person takes out, or closest to the point that you think they’re going to take out a book. Open the book at random and choose three words off a page. Photocopy that page, and circle the three words.
Go to the poetry section Find a poet whose last name begins with your first initial plus three (ex. E + 3 = H) and is of the opposite sex as you. Turn to the final poem in the book. Read and photocopy the poem. The subject matter or theme of this poem will determine the subject matter or theme of your poem.
Go to the art section. Find a visual artist whose last name begins with the same letter as your last name. Open the book at random to a drawing, painting, or photograph. Make a photocopy. The title of the artwork will be the title of your poem. You will look at the art while you write.
Now, study all your materials one more time. Prop the artwork up in front of you. On the top of your blank page write the title of the artwork (title of your poem), and the three words you must incorporate. Reread the poem determining your subject matter. Now, write in white heat for twenty minutes. After your time is up, close your notebook and do something else. Come back to your writing at a later time and work it into a poem. Give yourself at least 20 minutes, no more than an hour, although this depends on your editing process. Turn in your photocopied materials with your final poem.
*You may turn this into an artistic collage (via cutting & pasting, using poster board and glue, etc.) or leave it black and white, as you see fit. Don’t forget to include your title! Also, be prepared to discuss your artistic process next week when we discuss our poems in class.


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