Monday, October 1, 2012

MLA Powerpoint Presentation

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  1. Melanie Ulceus
    Section 41

    After reading “O.K., So I’m Fat” by Niel Steinbery and Jane E. Brody’s “Diabesity,” A Crisis in an Expanding Country”; both stories conclude that obesity is a rising issue in America. “O.K, So I’m Fat” discusses obesity in a more humorous tone acknowledging the personal feelings an obese man faces against society and himself. He explains how much “fat” people are frowned upon in today’s society. He further concludes that the dilemma of “self-control and glut” influence his decisions when it comes to unhealthy foods. Once your eyes are set on something so deliciously sweet, your conscience warns you, telling you “No don’t go for it.” Sadly, you ignore the little voice, greed takes over and you end up devouring the sweet devil. You later on regret it. You look in the mirror, struggling to get into something that now suffocates you. You repeat the cycle. Healthy foods and daily exercises no longer become an option and you being to feel insecure. I can see in the story the author comparing himself to the skinny people he knows and this is where you can see the insecurity growing. He makes the story kind of humorous, covering his certainty about his obesity. Leading from obesity, the second article informatively talks about the issue of diabetes and unhealthy attitudes. Jane E. Brody notices the rapid growth of diabetes from obesity and concludes we are “an economic structure that makes it cheaper eat fries” (183.) 41 million Americans have high blood sugar and there is not enough acting upon it. Type 2 diabetes is rising as well as heart attack, kidney failure and blindness. Many people do not have accessible Medicare so the majority dies. Personally, after reading both articles a healthy diet, exercises, and awareness need to be acted on. First, the prices of healthy foods should decline as unhealthy foods increase. Seconds, Children should have longer recess hours and only healthy options for their meals. Adults should incorporate a workout schedule at least 5 times a week and switch their diet to healthier choices. Finally, America should enact on advertising a healthier lifestyle to better influence a healthier America.